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checking out this dreamwidth thing.

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aldis hodge, alexis denisof, angel, anime, anything box, being human, benedict cumberbatch, bones, boyskissing, brokeback mountain, brushes, btvs season 8, buffy, buffy comics, buffy the vampire slayer, cal leandros, chris buchanan, christian kane, clex, cock!, cowboy bebop, daniel dae kim, dark tower, dark tower comics, david boreanaz, david tennant, depeche mode, diego luna, doctor who, dominic monaghan, donnie darko, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dreamweaver, dresden files, ebooks, erasure, fandom, fanfic, fantasy, firefly, foreign films, fort wilson riot, freedom of speech, gael garcia bernal, gina bellman, harry potter, heath ledger, heroes, himym, hoyay, icons, j2, jack harkness, jake gyllenhaal, james marsters, james spader, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jim butcher, john barrowman, john cassaday, johnny depp, johnny weir, jorge garcia, josh holloway, joshua middleton, joss whedon, jossverse, keanu reeves, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, kitchen confidential, lee pace, leverage, logan, lost, lotrips, martin freeman, matt smith, matthew fox, mini-movie icons, misha collins, movies about gay bois, nathan fillion, nc17, neil patrick harris, nyx, orlando bloom, palm m130, pete jones, photoshop, pirates, podfic, prettybois, queer as folk (us), reading, riot, rob thurman, robert downey jr, samurai champloo, sci-fi, science fiction, sean maher, secretary, serenity, sherlock bbc, shindigging, shindigs, sky between branches, slash, slashfic, smallville, spn rps, still_flying, subtext, supernatural, teh internets, television without pity, textures, the archer, the fall, torchwood, vampires, veronica mars, weevil, weiss kreuz, winchesters, y tu mama tambien, yaoi
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